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Locator System


Locator ia a system taht transform GPS coordinates of the vehicle into addresses; these addresses are transmitted automatically to mobile phones that asked for them with SMS messages.

GPS coordinates of vehicles are transmitted to locator system both by PROSAT and REM units, installed onboard vehicles.


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Main functions of this system are:

  • Works with credits that can be taken from the asking mobile phone or from the mobile unit itself
  • Two different kinds of management: one mobile unit can be interrogate by some users (mobile phones) or one user can interrogate many mobile units (ex: a fleet owner)
  • receiving of sms messages with geogaphical coordinates and other informations on the vehicle;
  • transforming of geogaphical coordinates into addresses (street and civical number , city, state, country);
  • transmission of addresses and informations (name of Locator system, name of the vehicle, date, time, speed, km done, remaining credits) to mobile phones of the user that asked for it;
  • storical archive of activity in the system;
  • control panel for user management;
  • automatical management of credits for payment of the system.



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