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Web Tracker
Web Tracker System
Web Tracker


Web Tracker is the solution for satellite localization and vehicle fleets control from a remote terminal connected to the internet. It is a Web application that, together with a multi user Central Station, gives the possibility to monitor your own vehicles and see position and activities. It doesn't require installation of programs on user's terminal. It allows users to visualize information that are stored in the central station DB also if they are in a different location and in the same time with other users.




Main functionalities are:

  • Fleet vehicle display.
  • Fleet vehicle display on a map, with date and time of last position. It is possible to point on a specifical vehicle or more than one that are automatically pointed to at the maximum zoon allowed.
  • Position Update. Position shown on the map is last one available in the system. If GPRS mobile units are on board, thay send position to the central station real time when moving and positions are automatically uptaded so that it is possible to see the vehicle moving on the map.
  • Vehicle Status display. Every vehicle is rapresented by an icon on the map that changes depending on the staus: arrow direction if moving, STOP if stopped.
  • Covered Km and Speed display. For every vehicle it is possible to visualize speed and coverei km, without additional installations on board the vehicle (other than mobile unit)
  • System Access. Every Web operator is identified by a username and password that must be inseted to access the system. Every operator will visualize only vehicles he is allowed to.
  • Route and Stop display. The operator can display the route done by a vehicle in a time lapse. The route in displayed on the map with signs for the beginning and the end. It is also possible to display stops that were longer of 5, 15 or 30 inutes.
  • Maintenance Card. It is possible to update a maintenance card for every vehicle of the fleet. This card defines range between maintenances etc. Once the cards are ready, the application shows for every vehicle of the fleet, which one overcomed the maintenance threshold (set by the operator in KM).
  • Maps chioce. Web Tracker can work with two different maps, Google Maps (see requirements) and Microsoft Bing.
  • Report Management and mailing. The operator can ask for some reports of every vehicle of the fleet or of the complete fleet itself. The operator can then decide to wait to visualize the report of ask to have it sent by email.
  • Sensors display. Operator can show status of every sensor associated to the vehicle. It i salso possibile to show on the map a particolar sensor associated to the icon of the vehicle.
  • System Personalization. It is possibile to personalize the system with your own logo or graphical.


  •  Prosat 2000 Central Station with Data Base Windows SQL Server
  • Static IP address or Internet domain
  • Working with Microsoft Internet Explorer vers. 6.0 o higher, Mozilla FireFox and Chrome.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on web client
  • Web Service Reporter installed on Prosat 2000 / Rem Mutitraker central station server.

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