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New Radio Monitoring System with high efficiency.
DIONIS-RDS is a high efficiency radio enviromental monitoring system. With this unit, it is possible to intercept conversations and listen to them remotely in a listening room.
The extremely low power consumption of the transmitter allows solutions with small batteries but with very long life.

Emission terms and radio carrier modulation make the transmitter audible only by its own receiver. It is also difficult to detect it with cleaning devices.

System main parts are:

  • Radio transmitter with microphone.
  • Radio receiver with antenna.
  • Small power supply for TX.

The system allows the coexistence of up to 6 pairs of devices in the same room without interfering with each other.

Repeater Dionis RDS-REP can be added to the system. This unit receives the audio signal from the transmitter placed in monitored room and re-transmits it in real-time on the same or different frequency channel.

Available channels 23 if retransmission of the audio signal is not isofrequency.

Main functionalities:

  • Transmitter is is characterized by a very low consumption and can be fed with one or more batteries or with its network mini-power supply.
  • Perfect low frequencies reproduction and good fidelity listening.
  • Receiver is very small and has an output for point-to-point telephone line and one for a local recorder. It can be powered by a translator by telephone or DC power supply.
  • Dip-Switch selector for operating channels and Leds bar for RSSI level.
  • Audio Output and Headphone Line separately adjustable.
  • Adjustable disabled squelch.
  • Repeater is very compact and it is realized in a watertight container; it has a buffer battery, although not essential to its operation, so that, when the apparatus is powered from line, the battery allows operation even in the presence of a prolonged power failure voltage.

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