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TT0112 translator
TT0112 translator



TT 0112 translator is a unit that can be installed in a telephone central station in order to feed, on a point to point line, a radio receiver that can send the signal to a remote listening centre.

Made in a grey ABS case, it has a steel stirrup for a fast coupling to central station structures.

Main functionalities are:

  • Wide power range
  • Feeding filters, voltage limiters, protection against polarity inversion and line overvoltages
  • Three different regulations allow best fitting to length and conditions of telephone line where it is connected.
  • Switch and potentiometer with a recessed knob in order to avoid errors.
  • Jack for fast connection to an headphone for a momentary listening of the room
  • Easy and fast power and telephone cable connection with screw terminals
  • Audio Output Twisted pair connection balanced or unbalanced.

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