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Environmental unit with high audio quality and 3g technology
Environmental unit with audio memory  
REM HD is a stereo vehicle envirnmental unit that can store audio files in its internal memory. Those files can be downloaded over the 3G network or can be listened to live in high quality and/or with GSM.

GPS internal receiver allows live route tracking and live or deferred transmission.

The device has a very compact size and it is the result of a design engineering extremely professional and advanced.



  • Audio recording: the unit makes audio recording in a solid-state memory with configurable audio quality through the choice of sampling rate and bit-rate.
  • Audio files download: the files stored by the apparatus are sent to the server by telephone with several configurable ways; it can be done both manual and automatic, even on a fixed schedule. The audio files are transferred to the Server at high speed rate, in a time significantly shorter compared to the duration of the recording itself.
  • Live streaming: it is possible to listen, at the same time, both to Streaming audio and to audio recording on board.
  • Live GSM: the unit can activate a traditional GSM audio connection using a fully digital audio encoder. This encoder can offer superior sound quality compared to the traditional GSM devices.
  • Noise rejection: the system has filters to make it insensitive to GSM transmissions.
  • Audio mode: the unit can operate with one or two microphones and gives this way the possibility of listening and recording in mono or stereo.
  • GPS locator: the unit is equipped with a GPS receiver with AGPS and EGNOS functionalities. It is able to store on board all the paths of the vehicle and send these data to the Server through various automatic configurable modes.
  • Alarm Management: Motion, Stop, exit from antidetection status and low battery alarms can be sent both to the Central station and mobile phones.
  • Increased to 5 Modes the operational modes of the unit: were brought to 5 the pre-selectable modes of operation of the apparatus in order to meet the diverse requirements of the investigation.
  • Diagnostic SMS: there are three SMS that give you all the information required to verify the configuration and installation of the equipment.
  • Unit Configuration: It is now possible also via mobile devices with Android APP "REM HD Config."
  • Remote FW download: the firmware loaded in the unit can be upgraded remotely. This allows you to solve any problems should occur and add new features as they become available, without having to bring the system back to the factory.
  • Backup battery supply: a specific backup battery can be used when power is conditioned to the ignition key of the vehicle, in order to support the operation of the apparatus during the unloading of the data with the engine off and charging with the engine running.
  • 600/600 Ohm Interface: a specific interface circuit con connect the device to a Dionis-RDS receiver box or to Scanners, in order to boost the audio signal to the listening room. 


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