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Environmental unit with high audio quality and 3g technology


REM HDA is an environmental stereo unit. It can memorize audio files, it can download them over 3G network or give live streming listening or GSM. The device has a very compact size and can be installed in small spaces of homes and offices. Ii is the result of an extremely professional and advanced engineering design.


  • Audio Mode: the unit can work with one or two microphones, for listening and recording audio in Mono or Stereo, with 5 different normal modes and 2 antidetection modes.
  • Automatic Activation: unit can start functioning with VOX sensor on a fixed schedule.
  • Live Streaming: It is possible to both listen to Steaming audio and on-board recording.
  • Live GSM: the apparatus can activate a GSM connection using a traditional audio-digital encoder. This can offer superior audio quality to conventional GSM devices.
  • Audio Recording: the can record audio on a SD Card with configurable audio quality through the choice of sampling and Bit-Rate.
  • Audio files download: audio files stored on board the unit are sent to the telephonincal Server with various configurable modes, both manual and automatic, and also on a fixed schedule. The audio files are transferred to the server at high speed, faster than the duration of the recording itself.
  • Diagnostic SMS: 3 different SMS send to a mobile phones all the information required to verify the configuration and installation of the equipment.
  • Unit setup: The configuration can also be made via mobile devices with Android APP "REM HD Config."
  • Remote FW download: The firmware of the apparatus can be upgraded remotely. This allows you to solve any problems and add new features as they become available, without having to re-enter the system at the factory.
  • Size: REM HDA 60x40x11 mm Power Supply: 26x26x19.

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