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Prosat 2000
Prosat 2000 Central Station


The central station may be used to control and manage all the on-board units and may be configured according to the different requirements of a particular application. In its simplest version it is composed of a personal computer and one or more GSM modems for the communications with the on-board units and gives the possibility to control a small fleet with a minimum investment.
In its most complete configuration the central station may be provided with a duplicated back-up system, to assure a very high reliability, multiple communication modems making use of the GSM Network (Data, SMS and GPRS), analog phone lines and local area networks or WAN with TCP/IP protocols and Internet.
The maps that are used by the system may be customized according to the application requirements. To the base maps (Microsoft MapPoint with pan-European coverage) it is possible to add other raster or vector type maps in order to have the best possible detail. It is also possible to use aerial photos or satellite images, with superimposed roads, for the best and detailed representation of the terrotory.
The software is friendly and every operator may be productive since the first time; the graphical interface gives immediate and commands at always at hand for the more common operations.

Main functions:
  • Real time display of vehicle position, speed, direction of movement and on-board sensors status.
  • Real time display of vehicle movements on the map
  • Issuing remote commands to the on-board units
  • Route display on the map with printing
  • Vehicle routes analysis and possibility to make specialized reports on vehicle activity (stops, relevant events, etc.).
  • Guided procedures for alarms management by the operators.
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Vehicle information panel Vehicle sensors panel and remote commands
Displays last position, last contact time, speed, direction of movement, signal strenght of GSM and GPS. Displays the status of the sensors that are connected to the on-board unit and the remote commands that may be sent to it.

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