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Prosat System
Vehicle location and fleet management system
MC Sistemi has a deep knowledge in the integration of hardware and software technologies in telecommunications and security systems. With this experience it has develped the PROSAT system for fleet security and management applications, for automatic vehicle location and logistic applications. PROSAT is a system composed of two important elements: the Central Station for remote vehicle management and on-board Mobile Units for vehicle control.
The mobile units are of different types so that they can be applied in different applications. They use the GSM network to have a good coverage of the territory and may use SMS, the data channel and GPRS with TCP/IP compatible protocols. They may also be used in "personal" applications simply using a cellular phone. The units have different hardware and software components so they may be used in different applications and on different vehicles as:
  • cars
  • vans
  • trucks
  • trailers
  • tractors
  • containers
  • busses
  • taxi
  • trains
  • boats
  • motorcycles
  • excavators

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