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About us

MC Sistemi was born from the great experience of its founders that during the  last twenty years were involved in  data communication, remote control and  security systems, designing networks, equipments and data acquisition  systems  that use the most up to date technologies in the field of radio and cellular  communications. These are the main areas in which major developments were  made:


Wireless data and voice communication on VHF and UHF private radio networks

Wireless data and voice communication on GSM networks using  original modulation techniques and proprietary error correction coding  methods

Vehicle tracking using the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite system

Vehicles, trucks and personal security systems
Wireless data collection and management from mobile units mounted on vehicles
 Our organisation is flexible and able to follow the demands of each  single customer.

The products we design and  produce are strong, reliable and  at the forefront of technology.
They transmit data rapidly to cut down  on connecting costs, the information travels in total safety thanks  to encrypted transmissions.

Our promise is the creative part of our  planning, a range of products and services produced with care and  attention  in order to supply, not only the chance to choose, but also a competitive  market response. 


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