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Technical support

Our company, which enjoys ISO9001 certification, in compliance with our Quality policy, provides our Clients with the following technical after sales services:

  • Assistance by phone to identify, analyse and solve problems which Clients may encounter while setting up and installing the products;

  • Remote assistance to identify, analyse and solve problems and remote updating of the product software and firmware;

  • Developing updates and changes to the product software and firmware to ensure constant improvement of their basic functions;

  • Developing new kinds of software to implement special functions reinforcing the basic ones of the products;

  • Repairing faulty products.

Some of these services are provided under technical service contracts.
The services are provided during working days in the following hours::

Technology and Video Surveillance on the Move

We design, produce and sell systems and equipment which helps operators to prevent and foil criminal acts, focusing on vehicles but also on the goods and people they carry