In addition to design products, we have created software dedicate for monitoring and commanding our peripherals by remote, for put in the condition our clients to have a full product able to receive information in real time. Our software dedicates to monitoring our products are:

  1. The P2000 control unit allows you to program peripherals, monitor them and send some commands. Also available today with the client / server version, thus allowing multiple users to use the control panel at the same time.
  2. The WebTracker is the solution that allows you to monitor your vehicles, download reports, download the position history and view the status of the peripheral sensors via a browser link. This solution does not require the installation of a control unit, it is an extra option for those who want to manage their vehicles from anywhere.
  3. The Tab & Smart Tracker APP is a further opportunity created to enable our customers to view their vehicles via smartphone. This application also allows you to enable the “tracking” function of a chosen vehicle to understand where it is going.