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To protect corporate and private vehicles such as company cars, earthmoving vehicles, buses, trucks and luxury cars, a peripheral has been developed that allows you to monitor the various company fleets in order to intervene remotely by sending specific commands to protect your vehicles. .

The device, much appreciated in various sectors, has allowed to protect the value of its special vehicles by remotely accessing fundamental functions, such as: remotely monitoring the vehicle, blocking the vehicle in case of theft or for missed payments on the rental, detect valuable vehicle data to understand customer issues and usage. The data transmitted to the control unit allows you to analyze: position, km traveled, engine on / off, areas of use etc …
To provide a complete service to our customers, the APP Tab & Smart Tracker has been developed which allows you to view all vehicles simultaneously from your smartphone.


  • High sensitivity GPS receiver
  • Modes: SMS, GSM data, GPRS
  • Jamming detector GPS, GSM / GPRS
  • Programmable inputs and outputs
  • Temperature control input
  • Driver key entry
  • Motion sensor
  • Area management
  • CAN BUS reading
  • Possibility of internal transponder
  • Internal battery
  • Management via Smart Phone