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//Transport of valuables
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The peripherals dedicated to the transport of valuables were born from the need coming from a leading company in the security sector, where at the end of the 90s, it expressed the need to improve its security systems on its vehicles in order to guarantee a more safe and innovative towards its customers, whose service had to have characteristics of reliability, durability and innovative. The developed product had a positive impact on vehicle safety by improving remote vehicle management. This has allowed many criminals to give up on attempts at theft, protecting the value transported by vehicles more. Over the years, the peripheral developed has proved to be an excellent product, whose solidity has allowed twenty years of use, allowing the customer to amortize the design costs abundantly, before redesigning a second peripheral with new hardware components.


  • Detection of the geographical position in real time, speed and direction of the vehicle
  • Targets
  • Vehicle lock can be activated remotely
  • Remote locking and unlocking of doors
  • Set speed exceeded alarm
  • Vehicle parking control
  • Communication with the control panel in data and GPRS mode
  • Driver identity check
  • Detection of jamming attempts
  • Spuma Block management
  • Ability to simultaneously view all
  • vehicles on the control center.