After we have developed the peripheral dedicate to the valuables transport, MC Sistemi got a good appreciation for the function of this product and specially for precision and stability of the GPS signal, so that MC Sistemi had been contacted from different company operate in different field and between these a company specialize in container rent. We catch this opportunity for creating a product that could be installed on a container, for swap bodies, semi-trailers and for others application.

The peripheral was created for be impact resistant and watertight that for be able to operate in hostile place, for that it has created with a high quality GPS combine with a programmable logics position and data storage avoiding loosing data when the GSM/GPRS signal is not available.

Another trick was to insert a motion sensor and accelerometer to allow some functions: when the vehicle is in motion the transmissions can be more frequent, this to update the position at the remote center more frequently, while when the vehicle is stationary the transmissions can be more frequent be slowed down to save battery power. The device can be powered by an internal rechargeable battery that allows use for several months, or be powered directly from the trailer, thus excluding the use of the battery. Finally, it is possible to program operating areas, where the peripheral will send notifications to the control unit in case of entry or exit from the programmed areas.

Through the control unit it is possible to configure the various peripherals, make them visible at the same time on the same map and receive alarms as “low battery level” and configure the areas of use. Furthermore, it is possible to monitor your containers via mobile phone, using the Tab & Smart Tracker APP.


  • High sensitivity and low consumption GPS receiver
  • GSM / GPRS Tri-band 900/1800/1900 MHz telephone module
  • Internal clock synchronized with the GPS signal
  • Motion sensor with three-axis accelerometer
  • Primary lithium batteries with extended temperature range
  • Temperature sensor
  • Container with IP67 degree of protection
  • Sending alarms
  • Configurable via control unit and via APP