Our proposal

Professional users are always looking for the right tools to improve the efficiency of their business.
At MC Sistemi, we have been working together for years, as technicians with great experience in the fields of Information Technology and Security, discovering that we all share one desire: satisfying our Clients!
Our organisation is flexible and can follow the needs of each Client.
The products we design and produce are strong, reliable and technologically state of the art.
They transmit data very quickly to save on connection costs, the information travels in complete safety thanks to encrypted transmissions.
Our promise lies in the creative aspect of our design work, a range of carefully chosen products and services able to provide both an opportunity for making choices and a competitive answer to market demands.


Safety Products for Mobility

MC Sistemi’s PROSAT system currently includes:

  • Software for setting up Centres to manage the devices to be installed on the vehicles.

  • Audio, Video and GPS equipment to be installed on board the vehicles for security and logistics; for individual vehicles and for fleets; to be managed by security service providers, by a Centre of one’s own or by mobile phone; for boats, motorcycles, cars, vans, lorries, tractors, trailers,semi-trailers, swap bodies and containers.

  • Accessories of the devices, such as: keyboards and display units, antennas of various kinds, armoured containers and brackets, batteries, power transformers, sensors of various kinds and other items which complete the answer to Clients’ needs.

Prosat Video

PROSAT VIDEO is a mobile peripheral unit which can make real time audio and visual transmissions, perfectly synchronising both flows and recording them at the same time in the internal memory, later delivering to the remote monitoring Centre.

In view of its very small size and also because it has a sophisticated GPS receiver, the device is ideal for use on vehicles.

Its features and ease of installation provide excellent potential also for use at fixed posts.

Data transfer to mobile phone networks ensures quick and high quality response for all applications where immediacy of installation and/or quickness of services required are indispensable operating conditions.

Dual-core 800 MHz processor
Supervisory co-processor
GSM/GPRS/UMTS/HSPA+/LTE multi-band GSM/GPRS/UMTS/HSPA+/LTE telephone module
WI-FI interface
64GB Internal Solid State Hard Disk Drive
Two video interfaces for analogue cameras
Two microphone inputs
The latest generation GPS/GLONASS receiver with high sensitivity
Accelerometer for motion detection
VOX circuit


  • Cash-in-transit companies 
    Management and video surveillance of cash-in-transit on armoured vehicles

  • Goods transport companies
    Management and video surveillance of goods transport

  • People transport vehicles
    Video surveillance of means of transport such as school buses, buses, taxis

  • Remote rescue systems
    Remote assistance services for people living alone (e.g. the elderly, the disable)

  • Work site monitoring
    Controlling site security and video surveillance of structures

Technology and Video Surveillance on the Move

We design, produce and sell systems and equipment which helps operators to prevent and foil criminal acts, focusing on vehicles but also on the goods and people they carry