The P2000 power plant was created mainly to monitor company fleets and manage their vehicles remotely, creating a synergy between the vehicle and the operator in order to maintain control of the vehicle in any situation. The control unit was designed to allow the operator to view multiple vehicles, over 300, on the road map at the same time, having available software that allows you to operate in a simple and intuitive way, thus facilitating daily operations. One of the functions widely used by many of our customers is that of area management, that is, it allows you to program areas where if the vehicle passes through them, it is possible to carry out or not carry out some operations by the driver, such as opening of the doors. The control unit is also available in a client server version, thus allowing the connection of clients to a single reference server to lighten the operators’ machines.

Main functions of the P2000 control panel:

  1. view all vehicles in real time
  2. view the routes traveled by the device
  3. view the battery status
  4. view the status of the alarms
  5. Send commands to peripherals
  6. Download the reports
  7. Program the peripherals
  8. Monitor speed, direction
  9. Check the status of the GPS and GSM signal